How To Start A Website With Only $70 A Year! (part 1)

Hi, today I’m going to show you the cheapest way so far, (believe me there are even cheaper options!) to start a website. We’re talking about a decent website, your very own little slice of the internet. You’d be amazed at just how affordable some of the most beautiful sites you visit are.

Creating your first website

If you’ve been interested in creating a website for your business or just to express your passion for writing, at some point you must have done research on how much it would cost. You probably got demoralized by the prohibitive amounts quoted. Some people quote hundreds of dollars to build you even the simplest of sites.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to pay someone to create one for you, after all there are those who’ve specialized in the field and can do a really good job. If you’re cash strapped, as most people are when creating their first website, or just want to experience the joy and adventure, you should seriously consider doing it yourself. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create a website from scratch.

Are programming skills necessary to become a webmaster?

First of all, you absolutely don’t have to know how to code a website in order to run one. When most people browse the internet, they imagine most of the sites have been coded. The truth is that making them is as easy as updating your social media profiles. Drag and drop has made website creation a walk in the park. Perhaps the biggest asset you will have in this journey is the WordPress platform.

WordPress powers tens of millions of websites

The talented creators of this blogging and content management system have not only done all the pesky coding on your behalf, they’ve also made it completely free to use! Did you know that 30% of websites, from the humble blog to the large e-commerce site, run on WordPress? So you’ll be in good company if you choose this platform, especially if it’s your first website.

What do you need to start a website?

To start a successful website you need three main ingredients:

  • A domain name
  • A web host
  • Content

Of course you’ll need a computer, internet connection and what-not, but that’s kinda obvious isn’t it? The above three will play the biggest role in your journey to becoming a webmaster. We’ll explore each one in detail.

Domain name

This is the name of your website, its identity. Most times, the domain name also corresponds with the niche of your website. For example, if your website’s domain name is, it is extremely likely that you will be talking a lot about shoes. Now domain names have what is referred to as a domain name extension at the end. Examples of these are .com, .net, .biz, .org, .edu, .ke and .gov.

some popular domain name extensions

Most times, you will choose a domain name with an extension that corresponds with the type of website you want to create. So in that regard, a .com domain will indicate your website is a money making venture, while .org will show your readers you’re a charity organization. This is not always the case, as this rule is not set in stone.

Web host

A web host refers to a service provider that makes it possible for your website to be accessed from any part of the world. If not for them, your site would probably only be visible to you alone. They allow you to rent server space in the cloud where your website resides. As an added bonus, they also ensure your site is protected against malicious visitors.

Most web hosts charge on a monthly basis, with prices being as low as 3 dollars per month. There are hundreds of web hosts, though some of the best known are Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, and Siteground.


This to me is the most important ingredient in creating a successful website. Just like location is important to a brick and mortar business, good content is king online. You can have the most beautifully designed website in the world, but if its content is boring, no one will visit.

So you should seriously consider the kind of content you want posted on your site, even before you think of buying the domain name and paying for hosting. Remember also that quality beats quantity. If you’re running a blog, don’t just post tens of mediocre articles when a single high quality one could have done a better job.

Actually creating your website

By now, you know what content you want to share or sell on your site. If you want a completely free option, you can always pick free blogging platforms like Google’s Blogger. Some well-known site builders like Wix also have a freemium offering, where you use some features for free then pay as your need for more features increases.

Popular blogging platforms

These options are good for getting you off the ground fast. You don’t necessarily pay for a domain name and you won’t pay for hosting. The downside however is that your freedom of expression and monetization is severely curtailed. It could turn out to be a big headache in the future.

So how do you create a website for $70 per year?

If you want a long term solution, then paying for a domain name and hosting is the way to go. The little amount you’ll pay as monthly fees will be negligible compared to your potential earnings in the long term.

As the title of this blog post suggests, you can easily pay $70 per year for a full fledged website that gives you freedom to customize it as you feel. This works out to about 5.8 dollars per month, or $6 when rounded off.


For a website with potential earnings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month, 6 dollars is a small price to pay. Since this post has gotten somewhat long, I’ve decided to split it into 2 parts. This first part, I hope, has done a good job of explaining some important aspects of website creation. In the second part, I’ll show you the step by step method of setting up your first website. 

All the best!!!

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