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Hi there, thanks for your interest in my work.

I hope you enjoy it enough to consider hiring me. I’ve written all blog posts on this site so by now you’re conversant with my writing style. I’m also in the process of building my portfolio so I can provide solid social proof of my skills.

At the moment I work with content mills, but feel like I can do more. I’m ready for more challenging projects, so if you like how I write contact me so we can discuss rates.

Like any other skill, I keep sharpening mine by reading widely and writing every single day. I also have some online mentors that I’ve been taking helpful advice from. Other than my grammar skills, I take online courses regularly in an effort to constantly improve myself.

I follow instructions to the letter, which enables me to write great blog articles.

I also do thorough research before embarking on writing. If I feel like it will help, I will suggest ways of improving your content.

My SEO skills are top notch. My interaction with plugins such as Yoast has given me the insights needed to write content that makes good use of the keyword(s) provided.

As an added bonus, I’m conversant with WordPress. I’ve set up this entire site by myself, from purchasing the domain name to buying hosting, to installing WordPress, to typing the content. So other than being able to post content straight to your WP site, I can also build a new one or customize it to your liking.

Another skill I’m really good at is re-writing. This requires one to have a wide range of vocabulary, which I have. It also goes beyond just switching synonyms. My re-writing skills will give you a plagiarism free article while maintaining the exact meaning of the message in the original.

I’m constantly improving my copy writing skills as well.

So to summarize, these are the services I offer:

  • Blog/article writing
  • SEO/keyword research
  • Website building and design (WordPress)
  • Content re-writing

Feel free to contact me for more details.

Alternatively, reach me at mugosteve09@gmail.com

Thank you!

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