Blogging In 2018: Is It Still Worth It?

You’ve probably thought of starting a blog for the longest time and just never really got around to it. With millions of already established blogs ranking on Google, and billions of users preferring social media networks, can you still start blogging in 2018 and succeed? The answer is yes and no, depending on who you ask.

There was a time when it was easy. The internet was growing but there wasn’t enough content to feed that growth. Social media sites weren’t as dominant as they are today. That was the golden age of blogging. Google paid handsome ad revenue even for simple sites with a handful of content.

All that changed when everyone realized there was money to be made in blogs. Content creation grew, meaning the competition got stiffer. Social networks like Facebook also perfected their game. Why start a blog when you can just start a Facebook page and get instant followers? Or get on Twitter and immediately start pushing out potentially influential tweets?

social networks have given blogs a run for their money.
social media sites have grown in popularity in the past decade

These social media companies have put so much content in front of our eyes, we’ve become extremely picky with what we decide to watch or read. This simply means the race to get readers’ attention has gotten harder with each passing year.

If you’ve just began blogging in 2018 like I have, you probably think you need to spend thousands of dollars in advertisements to get your blog known. Maybe that’s true, but I still believe it’s possible to succeed in this field if you’re dedicated and focused on your goal.

Why are you blogging in 2018?

Obviously, before embarking on your journey, you must have struggled to answer this question. For some people, they just simply enjoy writing and want nothing else. For them it’s all about passion.

Others have heard that there’s money to be made and that’s why they’ve decided to start blogging in 2018.

when starting your blog, focusing only on money is a sure recipe for failure.
Earning with Adsense is not as easy as it looks

Whatever the reason, the success or failure of your blog will be determined solely by the content. We’ve all heard that content is king. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, so this comes somewhat naturally. The few articles I’ve posted on social media and anonymous forums have always been praised, with most contributors encouraging me to start my own blog.

So my biggest reason for blogging in 2018 is that I’ve always been passionate about it. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind making a few coins off it. I’ve been interested in web design, SEO and affiliate marketing for close to a decade now and I feel this blog gives me the opportunity to try and put everything I’ve learned so far into practical use.

So the bottom line is you need to be truly passionate about it. Your readers will be able to feel that passion, or lack of, while going through your blog. If you’re really good at it, the money will start coming sooner or later. 

Simplicity sells

While conducting your research, you’ve probably come across some exquisitely designed websites and thought that’s exactly what you’d want for your blog. Although aesthetics play a role in keeping your visitors interested, simplicity in my opinion is more important. As they say, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

while blogging in 2018, keep it simple for the best outcome
Simplicity is a sign of sophistication

Some of the most popular sites are also the simplest and easiest to navigate. They’re intuitive in nature, meaning your readers don’t require a manual to show them how to find their way around. So before you start blogging in 2018, make sure you’re able to present your message in the simplest way possible.

Don’t be afraid of long posts

As stated earlier, most internet users have developed short attention spans as a result of being overwhelmed with information. For that reason most posts nowadays are short, 300 to 400 word articles that readers can easily go through. Does that mean that long articles are not market worthy?

The truth is that people still respond to high quality content. Such content tends to be long in nature, because you want to provide as much detailed information as possible. Over 1000 word articles show you probably know what you’re talking about.

People looking for that information are more likely to respond positively to your 1500 word article than a 300 word with the same content. According to Neil Patel, a master at SEO, most posts that appear on the first page of Google’s search results are 1800 words long.

So if you want to post something constructive, don’t be afraid its length will turn readers off. It might turn out to be exactly what they were looking for. Just make sure you don’t have fluff in your article.

SEO experts recommend you have long descriptive articles on your blog
With more blogs coming online, SEO is getting more complicated

Quality over quantity

Your motivation for blogging in 2018 might be to earn ad dollars, but that should not be your highest priority. You should first and foremost make sure you provide useful content to your readers. Earning from your blogs doesn’t work like magic, it’s a process that might take years. If you are only after money, you will easily give up after a few posts.

Having passion for your content means you will keep posting even without monetary reward. If you’re consistently posting quality content, those ad dollars will come your way, because people don’t mind paying for quality.

I’ve started close to 5 websites in my online journey, and abandoned them after some time. This is because I was only after money, or started them because their niche was the “in thing” that I had absolutely no interest in.

Quality always beats quantity, remember that when blogging in 2018
Always pick quality over quantity

Quality over quantity also means you don’t necessarily need to post hundreds or thousands of articles on your blog for it to gain traction. Some blogs have less than 20 articles but rank higher than others in the same niche with thousands of posts. Having more posts doesn’t make you look like you know more on the subject.

Spruce up your blog

Remember how we said keep it simple? That doesn’t mean you keep it so simple that your site looks too dull. Having some pictures and even videos within your post helps to break the monotony of text, while helping the reader to understand the content more.

Try and make sure your posts don’t have any grammatical mistakes, as your readers might focus on those rather than the message you’re putting across. When posting a long article, sometimes errors might be unavoidable, so you should probably invest in a tool like Grammarly which checks your content for misspellings among other mistakes. The free version works just fine, although you’re advised to get the premium version for maximum benefit.

Good grammar will go a long way in helping you start blogging in 2018
Grammarly does a good job of proofreading your articles

Ready to start blogging in 2018?

Hopefully, this post has given you a few pointers on how to start blogging in 2018. The year is almost up but it’s never too late! The only way to start is to make like Nike and Just Do It!

If you’re looking for information on how to start a website at an affordable cost, this post might come in handy. Looking forward to reading your blog.

All the best!

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